Customer Stories

Customer Stories

  •   Nowadays, large bandwidth for a cable TV operator is considered the most valuable resource that allows easy and fast set-up of plentiful transcoding channels. No wonder more and more companies are looking for a solution of bandwidth compression to take full advantage of their investment and operational cost. In response to this demand, Wellav offers a quality transcoder solution, OMP500.   Wellav OMP500 is selected by Planet Cable, one of the largest cable operators in the Philippines. The transcoder helps the operator save a lot of bandwidth when transmitting contents to distant branches with H.265. Compared with H.264, H.265 offers 25% to 50% better data compression but with the same video quality.   This high dense and user-friendly solution with a 1 RU Rack design enables Broadcasters, Operators and Service Providers to offer a wide range of TV services and other contents in standard, high definition (HD) or 4K (Ultra-HD) resolution for an enhanced viewing experience every single time.     For many years, Wellav has been offering you market-proven line of products in order to create a flawless service, and therefore you can expect a very short time to market. Please contact us for a technical discussion and to get a real demo.  

  • Indonesia is a country with thousands of islands in Southeast Asia. Between the Indian and Pacific oceans, there are numerous smaller LCOs (local cable operators) who need a cost effective solution for a head-end system.   K-Vision’s HITS (Head-end in the Sky) program is the solution! With unified head-end in K-Vision DC, HITS uplinks collected channels to a satellite so that  a LCO can simply use transmodulators (provided by K-Vision) rather than whole head-end systems to receive channels from the satellite and convey to cable coaxial transmission.     Apart from common channels offered by K-Vision, the LCO also required added local channels for their subscribers. This required HITS to provide a cost effective transmodulator with an encoding feature.   To meet the LCO’s request, K-Vision kept looking for a solution that is compact, maintainable and expandable. Based on a collaborative evaluation on technical and commercial benefits provided by Wellav CMP201, K-Vision chose this compact media platform for HITS.    High Density Modular-based Design Centralized IP video processing with 6 hot swappable modules Support redundant power supply  Any Input to Any Output Satellite / Cable / Terrestrial input: DVBS / S2 / S2X (new); QAM A / B / C, DTMB / DVB-T / T2 / ISDB-T / 8VSB Baseband input: CVBS/ HDMI / SDI / EAS IP input: Multicast or Unicast, UDP / RTP / HLS / SRT / Zixi / RIST / RTMP IP output: Multicast or Unicast, UDP / RTP / HLS / SRT Modulation output: QAM A / B / C, DTMB / DVB-T / ISDB-T / 8VSB Baseband output: HDMI / SDI  Future-proof  User-friendly   With the help of Wellav, HITS is expanding and helping more LCOs in Indonesia to better serve their subscribers. If you are interested in implementing a similar solution for your program, please feel free to contact us.  

  •   With technology updates on broadcast and IP, the commercial market nowadays is upgrading their services in order to become more competitive, particularly hotels.     Wellav CMP100 and OMP150 upgrade hotel services in Astoria Palawan Resort   In the Philippines, to keep up with this technology, the majority of hotels are liking to provide IPTV. IPTV offers flexibility in managing content and terminals, especially when it comes to value-added information such as promotion, facilities, and services. Wellav CMP100 and OMP150 are good helpers on IPTV for Astoria Palawan Resort which located in the most popular tourist destination, Palawan, Philippines. With this solution, TV screens in Astoria Palawan Resort turn into real access points for valued-added information, which are provided for the guests to better enjoy their trips here: hotel services, local attractions and cuisine, and much more.     The successful application of CMP100 and OMP150 in Astoria Palawan Resort, attract other hotels and resorts in the Philippines. Now there are more deployment projects in the coming months as Wellav CMP commercial series is recognized a best helper for their system upgrade! Please contact us for a technical discussion.  

  •   To walk along the short leafy streets, to take in the atmosphere of sunshine beach with glorious expanse of golden sands, and to bring your lovely dog to play on the off-leash dog beach…   With so many accommodation options next to the sea to choose from, finding the right place to relax may seem tangling. Then, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts can be your ideal choice. It is the world's largest hotel franchisor and leading hotel management services provider with approximately 9,000 hotels across nearly 95 countries, satisfying the needs of hotel guests who want to enjoy thoughtful service.   Via the Hotel's featured TV, the guest not only can watch excellent movies & Live channels, but also can call room services in no time and see the local food and travel recommendations. Wyndham Hotel selects Wellav solution with HD Encoder and IP Digital Modulator, which can provide 48 high video quality live channels. High density, easy for management, Wellav solution helps to capture the local DTMB signal and ingest into the legacy network with ultralow latency, which is a ideal and affordable solution for the hotels.     Feeling free to enjoy the natural scenery and hotel services would be wonderful. Wellav is keen on developing more reliable and intuitive products/solutions to help the hotel guests enjoy better video during their stay.  Please contact us for a technical discussion.  

  •   Sencore, in conjunction with master distributor partner, Toner Cable Equipment, announced today that the CMP Platform has been selected by a leading nationwide chain of sports bars to be deployed in their restaurants.   Local Challenges This project’s challenge was to add local broadcast channels encoding services to their IP video lineup of channels and completed all in a 1 RU device. Sencore and Toner Cable had worked with the preferred system integrator to review the project requirements and system challenges of the network infrastructure, and had successfully developed a solution.    Our Solution Basing on our CMP platform, Sencore developed hardware modules and software solution that receives signals from multiple local broadcast stations and generates a digital turn-around of these signals to IPTV outputs. The combined IPTV lineup is then distributed throughout the restaurant. This step will enhance viewing quality while adding local channel capability and increase playing options and information for restaurant customers. This high dense and easy-to-use solution is perfect and affordable for various bar restaurants and enterprises.       The Result The deployment of this complete solution can be accomplished in a quick and timely manner. And with Sencore and Toner Cable Equipment’s expertise from design to deployment, plus the professional installation and support from the system integrator, these restaurants are able to offer their in-house games, services or share information in a high quality video throughout the restaurant on all the screens available.   “We are very excited and proud to help develop and provide this IP solution for the clients” said Jeff Zhu, President of Sencore, “these are the types of projects that showcase our leading capability of offering the latest technology at a great value”.   Please contact us for a technical discussion.  

  •   IPTV has revolutionized the way we consume television content, offering greater flexibility, personalization, and adaptability. It has become a popular choice for both Hotel and guest, shaping the future of television entertainment in hospitality.   One of the popular streaming protocol, HLS, widely used for delivering multimedia content, primarily video and audio, over the internet, play a significant role in IPTV as it offers adaptability to various network conditions and device types. One Tectona Hotel is a famous hotel in Northern Metro Cebu Philippines. It also provides access to Liloan Golf with an 18-Hole Par 72 Championship course. One Tectona, a premier destination hotel has chosen Wellav OMP150 IPTV Solution in which it received HLS content from public networks, managed and broadcast to the hotels' private network.     With the OMP150 IPTV Solution, it can offer guests a wide variety of live channels, on-demand content, and access to hotel's services and promotions, all seamlessly delivered through HLS technology. This ensures that guests can enjoy their favorite shows and amenities with ease.   If you are interested in implementing a similar solution for your hotel, please feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you in tailoring the perfect IPTV solution to meet your specific needs and provide your guests with an exceptional entertainment experience.  

  •   Sencore in conjunction with their master distribution partner, Toner Cable Equipment, recently announced the Impulse 300D network decoder was selected by a leading international shopping network to be deployed throughout their network of broadcast and cable tv affiliates. The Impulse 300D network decoder is part of the system providing programming to their affiliates via the open internet. By decoding services at each location, head-ends are provided video signals to be rebroadcast around the world.   Sencore and Toner Cable worked with the shopping Network to review their current challenges to provide a new solution to reduce cost, eliminate points of failure, increase video quality and reliability of delivery. The shopping network was previously using two products to receive the reliable transport signal and output SDI for re-encoding at the local affiliate stations. The chassis used bulky power adapters and the equipment was not rack mountable. This method was experiencing many technical issues with rising service costs.   The solution was Sencore’s Impulse 300D; designed to be cost effective and easy to use. Using a small form factor chassis, the Impulse can be deployed as a single table-top unit or rackmount into a 1RU space (up to 3 units per RU side-by-side). The front-panel and intuitive web-interface allows anyone to transport video across the open internet using reliable streaming protocols. Studio production cameras and video content are recorded and encoded into traditional MPEG-IP broadcast feeds. These are then processed by software and reliably transported over any internet connection or uploaded into a cloud service. The Impulse 300D supports these industry standard protocols to receive and decode video back into SDI and baseband signals at the affiliate head-end. By using a cloud service or CDN provider, multiple locations domestically or around the world can receive simultaneous secured copies of the original studio feed. Sencore and Toner Cable Equipment’s combined industry knowledge and experience guided the customer to a more efficient method of distributing video productions between locations. The Impulse 300D provides a reliable, secure, value solution for transporting programming worldwide.   If you want to know more details about this project and the product, please contact us at We will get you a dedicated account manager to attend to your specific needs.  

  •   Xiamen University (XMU) is the nearest university to the sea in China and one of the cradles of marine science in China. The oceanography disciplines of Xiamen University enjoy a long and profound history. The research vessel Tan Kah Kee was named in memory of a renowned patriotic overseas Chinese leader, Mr. Tan Kah Kee, who established Xiamen University in 1921.   The research vessel at sea will face many problems in a long voyage. How to locate ships and ensure correct navigation routes? How to establish and monitor communication with different areas on board in real time? How to enrich students’ leisure activities on board? To cope with such challenges, it is necessary to deploy a powerful system with easy operation and management.   Considering the special needs of Research Vessel Tan Kah Kee, Wellav customized a mature and stable one-stop solution composed of CMP100 (highly integrated enterprise media gateway) and OMP150 (customizable IPTV system). In addition to real-time communication, the system can also return HD monitoring pictures and transmit TV programs. Let's see how this solution meets the demands.   Customized One-stop Solution for Research Vessel Tan Kah Kee   ›› Encode and return real-time HD monitoring pictures of different areas of the ship to ensure the safety of the crew ›› Transmit real-time navigation info to management control center to locate and track the ship at any time ›› Keep in touch with onshore control center for real-time communication ›› Provide a variety of stable HD TV programs to enrich the students' life on board   Wellav is glad that our high-quality and reliable equipment and solution supports every successful sail of Xiamen University Research Vessel Tan Kah Kee which facilitates research and development of Chinese marine science.   Related Products     If you want to know more details about this project, please contact us at We will get you a dedicated account manager to attend to your specific needs.

  •   We are so excited to share with you an advertising monitoring project for Mexico election, which is highly recognized by customers. This project not only helps the Mexican government facilitates fair and impartial political elections, but also allows Mexican people to get closer look to the truth and cast their votes wisely on the election day.   In the era of information explosion, any piece of news or remarks may sweep across the internet. As a result, people may make unwise choices in the election when being surrounded by untruth or misleading information. To avoid this problem, Wellav offered a customized solution to receive the TV signals and turn around to IP inputs for an existing software monitoring system to analyze and monitor the political advertising. In this way, the government can timely detect false, harmful or excessively manipulated advertising and make scientific judgments and countermeasures in the first place.   This solution has the flexibility to meet every need of the Mexican government with the least expanse. The modular headend system has a flexible design with different option cards, easily to expand when needed. The software-based IP transcoder allows the client to select a standard hardware server locally, which helps to save much transportation/tariff fees.     If you want to know more details about this project, please contact us at We will get you a dedicated account manager to attend to your specific needs.

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