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The Mexican Government Deploys Wellav IP Transcoder for Political Advertising Monitoring

The Mexican Government Deploys Wellav IP Transcoder for Political Advertising Monitoring

May 06, 2023


We are so excited to share with you an advertising monitoring project for Mexico election, which is highly recognized by customers. This project not only helps the Mexican government facilitates fair and impartial political elections, but also allows Mexican people to get closer look to the truth and cast their votes wisely on the election day.


In the era of information explosion, any piece of news or remarks may sweep across the internet. As a result, people may make unwise choices in the election when being surrounded by untruth or misleading information. To avoid this problem, Wellav offered a customized solution to receive the TV signals and turn around to IP inputs for an existing software monitoring system to analyze and monitor the political advertising. In this way, the government can timely detect false, harmful or excessively manipulated advertising and make scientific judgments and countermeasures in the first place.


This solution has the flexibility to meet every need of the Mexican government with the least expanse. The modular headend system has a flexible design with different option cards, easily to expand when needed. The software-based IP transcoder allows the client to select a standard hardware server locally, which helps to save much transportation/tariff fees.


wellav ip transcoding solution 

If you want to know more details about this project, please contact us at We will get you a dedicated account manager to attend to your specific needs.

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